Hashflare Review

You are not sure if Hashflare is legit? Read our unbiased, critical Hashflare review, and make an informed decision on your own.

Hashflare is a cryptocurrency cloud mining service that has been developed by the HashCoins team, which is a team of crypto mining experts who have more than 3 years of experience in the mining of cryptocurrencies.

The aim of Hashflare is to make cryptocurrency mining available to everyone, regardless of where they live, how much they have to invest, or their technical expertise.

Cloud mining offers a unique, low risk and low cost of entry, mining opportunity, which is completely the reverse of traditional cryptocurrency mining, which requires the purchase, set up, and maintenance of complex and expensive hardware.

It is important to remember that, due to the nature of mining, earnings cannot be guaranteed. Earnings can be affected by the value of bitcoin, the difficulties of mining, and other factors.

Trust rating

Being one of the newer cloud mining services, there is not a lot of history to base a trust assessment of Hashflare on yet. Reports from users appear to be mixed, but the majority of assessments are positive.

The company does provide details of their physical address and their key employees, which is a good sign. They also have a feature that allows you to switch between mining pools, which most cloud mining companies do not allow.

The company has shared pictures of their scrypt and data center, but not of their bitcoin mining operation. It would be better if Hashflare did share pictures of their bitcoin mining operation so that potential investors could assess the company’s mining capacity.


At a price of approximately 0.00178 BTC/GHS, Hashflare is one of the more expensive cloud mining operations. Of all the cloud mining operations that we have reviewed, there has only been one service that has been more expensive than Hashflare. However, Hashflare does often offer incentives, such as discount codes. They also offer lower maintenance fees than many other cloud mining services.

Hashflare Review

Maintenance Fees

As mentioned above, while Hashflare is one of the most expensive mining contracts, the maintenance fees are lower than most other cloud mining services that do charge maintenance fees. This could be as a result of the lower cost of electricity in Estonia, where the operation is based. The fees could also drop lower, if HashFlare switch from the older Apollo technology, which they are currently using, to Uranus at some point in the future.


Hashflare has a very good interface and dashboard to work with, which is probably one of the best of all the cloud mining companies that we have looked at. Payments and withdrawals work very smoothly, and email confirmation of both is provided. The dashboard also has a nice graphical representation of daily revenue, mining pool allocation, balances and total earnings.

Payment reliability

Reports from users suggest that payments are reliable and revenue calculations appear to be correct. Withdrawals appear in bitcoin wallets in approximately fifteen minutes.

HashFlare Referral Program

HashFlare has a referral program that pays ten percent of all referrals, but they do not currently offer sign up bonuses.

Hashflare review conclusion

Although HashFlare is still a relatively new cloud mining operation, it is competitively priced and they frequently have special offers on bonuses and maintenance fees that make Hashflare more attractive.  Although HashFlare does not currently enjoy the same levels of trust that some other cloud mining services do, if the service continues to run smoothly, that will change in the future.

I've been a longtime customer and they are okay

Rated 4 out of 5
April 17, 2019