BitHope Review

Are you here to find out whether Bithope is legitimate service? We’re happy to provide our unbiased BitHope review. We hope that our critical review will aid you in making an informed decision on your own.

BitHope was registered as a Charity organization by Vladislav Dramaliev in August, 2014.

They are a fully registered NGO by Art. 33 of the Law on Nonprofit Legal Entities in Bulgaria and only accept bitcoin as a donation method.

bithope review

What is Bithope?

BitHope works like a crowdfunding site for charities or non-profit projects.  For example, there are projects like SOS Children villages, support of Julien Assange, and support of Edward Snowden, which are all the various types of entities that BitHope typically helps.

The support for the BitcoinTalk, as of (15/6/18), was the most funded campaign, with 281(!) Bitcoins donated in total.

At least 95% of all the donations go directly into the projects and are only paid out when the campaign hits the full 100%.

Bithope Review

Companies that support BitHope

Loanbase, Trezor, Changetip, Bitcoinist, HotelGO24, Grabo, IndieSquare, MADBitcoins, TrendoBG, pCloud,, BCNL, betahaus, NGOBG.ingo,, CoinFixer, &

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