A-ads Review

Are you here to find out if A-Ads is legit? Read our unbiased, critical review of  A-Ads, and be able to make an informed decision on your own.

A-ads, also known as Anonymous Ads, is an advertising network that uses bitcoin as the currency for paying publishers who place ads on their sites and for receiving the payments from advertisers for those said ads.

The system is very basic and you don’t need to register. In fact, the reason that it is called Anonymous Ads is that you don’t have to provide any personal information and the system does not keep a record of sites visited and search terms in the way that Google AdWords does.

When you register, you simply provide the details of your bitcoin wallet address for receipt of advertising revenue and the system will then provide you with the ad code to place the ads on your site.

Types of ads typically offered:

The network offers ads on the basis of both cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). At the time of writing, the revenue for CPC is 0.00001673 BTC per click and the revenue for CPM is 0.00035729 BTC per thousand impressions.

The advertisements that are provided are in banner and text formats and the ads are not overly intrusive. This allows them to be easily added to a blog and they won’t get in the way of the blog’s contents.

Anonymous Ads are probably the best paying bitcoin-based advertising network that is available today. They also provide a totally transparent reporting system that gives you access to your analytics, which will enable you to monitor the performance of your ads.

Why are A-ads only used on small blogs?

One question that you might want answered is: why does the A-ads system only appear to be used on small blogs and websites? The answer to that question is quite simple. The most of the owners of the big blogs probably don’t know very much about bitcoin. All our research would indicate that this  A-ads advertising network is legit.

Traffic requirements

Even if your blog only gets 1000 visitors a day, you can still join the Anonymous ads network, because there is no minimum traffic requirement. Even with traffic of just one or two thousand page views a day it would be possible to reach the minimum payout threshold and, of course, with more traffic, you will earn more money.

Payment details

Compared to the very large advertising networks, the minimum payout level with Anonymous Ads is very low at just 0.0001 BTC, which means that it is possible to withdraw money daily even with low traffic.

You can set the system to pay you automatically every twenty four hours once you have achieved the minimum payment threshold, so you can concentrate on writing new content for your blog and attracting new visitors. All payments are made in bitcoin.

Is there a referral program?

There is a referral program for Anonymous Ads, but it only applies to the recruitment of new advertisers, not publishers. The program pays a generous commission for the referral of new advertisers and banners are provided for referral advertising.

A-Ads review conclusion

For some people, the fact that this advertising network on deals in bitcoin may be seen as a potential drawback, but overall, if you are already using bitcoin, Anonymous Ads provide a viable way to earn a reasonable passive income from your blog.

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